Want to know what makes Microsoft Office so great for small business owners like you? It’s how quickly the software suite organizes a person. Think about how much more efficient you are when you have the right tools. When you digitally download MS Office from SoftwareKeep, you’re given a wide range of programs with features that help you run your business better.

Once you’ve had a chance to check out your Microsoft 10 download, you can then see the difference it has made on your life. There are a number of ways it can benefit you and your business. Let’s take a look at a few of the most beneficial.

Produce High Quality Reports, Brochures, and Newsletters

Say you need to produce a report explaining your newest product to a potential investor. How do you do it quickly and conveniently? Microsoft Word, an excellent word processing program, gives you the option to create a full color presentation complete with photographs, colored text, and even bulleted lists of features.

Create Full Color, Multimedia Presentations

PowerPoint provides you with the ability to create full color, multimedia presentations in a variety of formats. You can add the number of slides that you need, choose from templates or create your own, and add photos, clip art, and even music to your slides. The next time you need to showcase a product or service, why not create a slideshow that highlights the biggest selling points of what you have to offer?

Take Detailed Notes That You Can Read and Understand

OneNote lets you keep track of lecture notes, conference highlights, and even recipes you run across quickly and conveniently. Best of all, you can organize the information into notebooks much like you would do by hand. Whenever you need to refer to the info you saved, open up the program or app and choose the notebook that interests you.

Create Custom Templates for Home, Work or School

Create custom templates that you’re able to use over and over again. MS Word makes it virtually effortless. You can create invoices, memos, and order forms with very little effort that you can use whenever you need them.

Showcase Your Personality and Brand Your Business

Microsoft Office makes it easy for you to showcase your personality and brand your business. Using the tools that are available to you through the software suite’s many programs, you can change font styles, sizes, and colors with ease. You can also add photographs, symbols, and clip art to documents and presentations.

You can even use your brand colors in MS Office documents. Knowing the CMYK color code helps you get everything precise. Then, while in Word, you can input the colors and make the adjustments that you need to keep everything consistent.

It’s a five-step process that you’ll want to learn. To start, you need to highlight the words in the document that you want to change to a different color. Once you’ve done that, go to the Home tab and choose “A” and then select “More Colors”.

Once you see the Colors bar, you can choose the slider option before dropping down and selecting CMYK. Type the colors in and hit ok. Now the color matches the color on your logo perfectly.

The SoftwareKeep Advantage

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Get the SoftwareKeep advantage. Contact us with any questions you have about buying and downloading MS Office software. You can also refer to our FAQ page for up-to-date information about the products that we sell.

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